Goodnight Lullaby

In June of 2011, Alexandros released “Goodnight Lullaby” on iTunes. His instrument selection includes: violin, cello, piano, bells, guitar, and harp. Alexandros recorded the violin and cello himself. Recording started after several people had asked him to purchase his music in 2009. While recording, Alexandros continued to compose new pieces and arrange older pieces to complete the album. Alexandros’ violin solos are inspired by his passion for the violin and “Your Song” was written for his wife.


In “VIOCELLO”, Alexandros writes his first traditional string quartet- “Fall’s Calling”. After not playing the viola since high school, Alexandros immediately starts to record with it. About half of the pieces in “VIOCELLO” are piano pieces. Alexandros keeps the same arrangement as “Goodnight Lullaby” by including bells, guitar, and harp pieces. Alexandros increases the complexity of the music this album, along with focusing on his canon waltzes and adding the cello to “Midnight Dance”.


With “Renaissance” composed, Alexandros has written quartets for piano, violin, viola, and cello. He also includes traditional string quartet pieces, along with bells and harp pieces. His recording will begin soon!
Alexandros is a Chicago native with a keen ear for music. He has been an avid violinist for 33 years and began performing as well as composing his own contemporary classical music 16 years ago. Alexandros performs for events and concerts in the Chicago area. His unique sound instantly captivates its listeners and both of his albums are enjoyed by people of all ages worldwide.  Growing up, Alexandros listened to the music of his parents, Greek and Romanian. Alexandros also listened to Italian and French music, later learning gypsy, Irish/Celtic, and folk music by ear. Alexandros has been performing for weddings since 1999, was in an American band for a year, and even DJ’d to master his skills with music and sound.
About Alexandros

Alexandros is currently

composing a third album. His

ultimate goals are:

1) To continue to perform for

weddings and other special


2) To assemble a quartet to

perform his music worldwide.

3) To write/license music for

companies to use as their theme


4) To instruct violin.  

5) To perform and have his music in movies and television shows.
Alexandros’ Future
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